Erasmus+ Strategic European Project for Adult Education

Achieving Work-Family Balance for Lone Parents (ABSP)

One Family is taking part in a European Welfare-to-Work Project over the next two years. The project was created in response to the European-wide growing need to integrate lone parents into the job market more effectively, lowering the risk of poverty in lone parent households and allowing this target group to unlock its full potential in contributing to the European workforce in 21st century. Lone parents often experience in-work poverty. The necessity to balance employment with parenting and the covert discrimination they face at the labour market can lead lone parents to seek less qualified, lower paying and precarious employment. What is needed are easily accessible learning tools for both employers (HR specialists, small business owners etc.) and lone parents to help them to work more efficiently together and help achieve the considerable potential of lone parents. This project aims to support lone parents to stay employed and to engage with employers and HR specialists to achieve this.

The project will explore ways to involve parents and employers more intensively in online learning, and maximise their long-term learning outcomes.

Two programmes will be produced over a two-year period:

  1. Disadvantaged lone parents in employment who struggle to keep and progress in their job.
  2. HR specialists and small business owners who want to use the professional potential of lone parents and avoid fluctuation of experienced staff.

Our project will develop practical educational modules both for lone parents and HR specialists from a variety of organisations.

These modules will combine experience and best training practices from all partners. We will achieve a wider accessibility of the modules by making them available online.