Social Partnership Discussions

One Family welcomes this opportunity to submit our proposals to the social partnership process.

Given the importance of the current social partnership discussions in terms of framing economic and social policy in Ireland over the next possibly ten year period, One Family is keen to ensure that the issues affecting our clients, one-parent families, are adequately addressed in the discussions and that the  current proposals for changing state supports for lone parents are clearly linked in with other major strategic developments and related funding sources.

National Anti-Poverty Strategy 2006–2008

One Family welcomes the opportunity to make this submission to the Office for Social Inclusion on the preparation of Ireland’s National Anti-Poverty Strategy 2006–2008. The submission is made in the  context that solo parents are increasingly disadvantaged as a group in Ireland in terms of poverty levels,
social welfare dependency and access to services that help address these issues.

Submission-to-NAPS-October-2005 PDF

Pre-Budget Submission 2006

One Family welcomes the opportunity to make this submission in advance of Budget 2006. One Family has designed its pre-budget submission in the knowledge that the Government is considering significant developments in  the area of support for solo parents and for childcare in Ireland. The submission is also made in the context that solo parents are increasingly  Achieving Equality and Social Inclusion for All in Ireland disadvantaged as a group in Ireland in terms of poverty levels, social welfare dependency and access to services that help address these issues.


Submission to the review of provisions relating to family in the Constitution

Submission to the All Party Oireachtas Committee on the Constitution

The changing nature of family life in Ireland

Modern family life in Ireland is remarkably different now compared with the period in which our Constitution was first developed.  With declining marriage and birth rates, higher rates of extra marital cohabitation and birth and a growing diversification of the structure of families, the typical Irish family is no longer typical.

APOCC-submission-two parts-PDF

Paper One: On Constitution which affords equal rights to all families
Paper Two:  Recognising the realities of family diversity

Submission in relation to consultation on discussion paper on the rights and duties of cohabitees

One Family broadly welcomes the treatment of the issue of non-marital relationships by the Law Reform
Commission on this occasion.  Particularly given that 2004 marks the 10th anniversary of the UN International Year of the Family, it is imperative that current and persistent barriers to the full equality and equal status of all families and family types, in legal, policy and service provision arenas be addressed.


Strategy for Strengthening Families

One Family welcomes the opportunity to make a submission in the process of development of a strategy for strengthening families in this 10th anniversary year of the UN International Year of the Family.  On this occasion One Family will focus the submission on the issues to be considered and recommendations regarding provision within the strategy for one-parent families.  However, the submission is drafted within the overall context of respecting the realities of family life and supporting steps to embrace diversity in family life in Ireland.


Your Education System

One Family is delighted to have an opportunity to submit to the consultation process “Your Education System” regarding educational access and outcomes for solo parents.  It is not our intention on this occasion to focus on the experience of children in one-parent families in education.


National Review of Family Support Services

As a provider of practical support services for one-parent families since 1972 One Family is pleased to be involved in this review.  Our response has been presented in response to the questions as posed in the consultation framework document.