Blended and Step Families: Recommended Books for Children

Sisters…No Way!

by Siobhán Parkinson

Cindy is shocked when her recently widowed father announces that he is to remarry and that she is to gain two sisters in the bargain. Ashling, one of her new sisters also tells her version of events. Age 13-15

Forever Amber Brown

by Paula Danziger

Nine year old Amber likes her mother’s new boyfriend, but she isn’t sure if she wants them to get married… neither is her mother. Age 7-9

My Stepfamily

by Julie Johnson

Four boys and girls share their feelings about being part of a step-family. Age 6-9

My Two Families

by Althea

A photo-story in which stepbrothers and sisters discuss their thoughts and feelings about being part of a stepfamily. Age 7-10

Step by Wicked Step

by Anne Fine

A group of teenagers on a school trip share stories about their experiences of living in step-families. Age 12-14

You Will Always Be My Dad

by Ann de Bode and Rien Broere

Laura really misses her dad since her parents separated. When her mother invites a new male friend to dinner, Laura decides to do her best to get rid of him because no one will replace her dad. Age 5-8