Adoption and Fostering: Recommended Books for Children

We Belong Together: A Book About Adoption and Families

by Todd Parr

This book explores the ways that people can choose to come together as a family. It’s about sharing your home and sharing your heart to make a family that belongs together. Todd Parr has found a way to approach this challenging matter with humour and sensitivity through his bold and colourful illustrations and unique reassuring messages. Age 1-3

Over The Moon: An Adoption Tale

by Karen Katz

The text flows beautifully with the graphics, explaining that a couplewanted a baby very badly and would travel a great distance to make their dream of a complete and happy family come true. This is an ideal book to begin a discussion of adoption with a young child. Age 3+

Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born

by Jamie Lee Curtis

Actress and adoptive mom Jamie Lee Curtis writes in a pitch-perfect tone, addressing the logistics of adoption on a basic level that will make a child feel both safe and satisfied. This charming story of a mom and dad telling their child about the night she was born reaffirms love and family commitment with every page-turn. Age 3+

Adam and Eve and Pinch-Me

by Julie Johnston

By the time fifteen year old Sara arrives at the latest in a long line of foster homes, she has her future figured out. She plans to get a new life with no attachments to anyone… but she didn’t reckon on growing fond of her foster family. Age 10+


by Karen Bryant-Mole Wayland

‘What’s Happening?’ Series A clear, accessible book which answers many of the questions young children ask about adoption. Age 7-9

Belonging Doesn’t Mean Forgetting

by Sheila Byrne and Leigh Chamber

A story about a little boy being adopted. Includes notes and worksheets for use with a child. Age 4-8

Carly’s Luck

by Rachel Anderson

When her mum is taken into hospital, Carly is sent to stay with foster parents, but is determined not to like it. Age 7-10

Did My First Mother Love Me?

by Kathryn Ann Miller

When Morgan looks for reassurance that her birth mother loved her, her adoptive mum reads a letter from her. Includes a section for adoptive parents. Age 3-8


by Marjorie Blackman

Vicky is adopted and doesn’t get on with her brother Gib. But when her adoptive father is arrested and accused of stealing from the bank where he works, they have to work together to prove his innocence. Age 11-14

Letting Go

by Joyce Stengel

When Kathy arrives at yet another foster home, she decides it is time to go back to her real mother. But things do not go according to plan. Age 8-11

Lockie and Dadge

by Frank Murphy

Lockie is miserable in his strict new foster home. He runs away and is taken in by a nice couple, but will he be allowed stay with them? Age 11-13

Missing Sisters

by Gregory Maguire

Twelve year old Alice lives in an orphanage. At summer camp she discovers that she has a twin sister and sets out to find her. Age 11-13

The Moon King

by Siobhán Parkinson

Ricky is an abused child who is fostered with a large family. He is bullied by one of the other children, but finds refuge in a ‘moon’ chair in the attic. Age 10-12

My Sister Sam

by Jean Ure

The first in a series of titles about Abi, a ten year old girl and her foster brothers and sisters. Age 8-10, read also:

 Meet the Radish 0340727225 p/b 1999
 Here Comes Ellen 0340727233 p/b 1999
 Secret Simon 034072741 p/b 1999

Seth and the Strangers

by Jenny Nimmo

Three years after leaving an abusive stepfather for a loving foster family, Seth still finds it difficult to settle. Then he discovers evidence of visitors from another planet and realises he must help them get home. Age 8-10

The Snake-Stone

by Bernie Doherty

Fifteen year old James is adopted and is determined to trace his birth mother. So he sets out to discover who she is and why she gave him away. Age 12-15

The Story of Tracy Beaker

by Jacqueline Wilson

A poignant and funny novel about ten year old Tracy who lives in a children’s home and wants to be fostered. Read also the sequel: Age 8-12

The Dare Game

by Jacqueline Wilson

Tracy thinks her foster mum is mean so she’s delighted when her birth mum wants her back. Age 8-12

Talking About Adoption to your Adopted Child

By Prue Chennell and Marjorie Morrison

A guide for adoptive parents about explaining to your child that s/he is adopted.

Tom and the Tree-House

by Joan Lingard

Tom always felt special because he is adopted. But when his parents tell him they’re going to have a baby, he doesn’t feel special anymore. Age 6+

What Do We Think About Adoption?

By Jillian Powell

An introduction to adoption and fostering for younger children which answers many of the questions they ask. Contains notes for parents and teachers. Age 6+