“It’s not fair and it’s lazy social policy”

Lone Parents: being asked to make more sacrifices, rather than those with broader shoulders

One Family, Ireland’s leading organisation for one-parent families expresses their reaction to Budget 2013, ‘We’re looking for tailored help for families with children struggling to make ends meet as living costs rise” explains Stuart Duffin, Welfare to Work Manager.

He continues, “Those parenting alone keep being short-changed. The lowest paid families – often parents working with little pay – yet again are near the front of the queue for cuts. Child benefit, PRSI increase for low income workers, fuel, transport, property tax –  all have been taken away from family budgets which are already on the bread-line.’

As Karen Kiernan, Director of One Family further explains, “Lone parent families are doing their very best. Lone parents who are working hard to keep their families out of poverty are finding that the Government is making it harder and harder for them to make ends meet.”

She continues, “It is a matter of great concern that spending decisions keep on asking the poorest families to make more sacrifices, rather than those with broader shoulders.”

“We need to build and invest in jobs, housing and childcare, which will stimulate the economy and meet the needs of lone parent families,” concludes Stuart Duffin.                                                             

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