One Family counselling provides confidential, personal time to talk and be really listened to by a non-judgmental counsellor. The counsellor won’t tell you what to do – she knows that you are the person best qualified to live your life and will support you towards your own solutions. One Family counsellors are qualified and experienced, and supervised and engaged in on-going professional development.

  • Unplanned Pregnancy Counselling | A crisis pregnancy, one that is unplanned or unexpected, can raise many issues for a woman or couple, and One Family will support you as you work through the options open to you such as parenting, adoption or abortion.
  • Post-Termination Counselling | If you have had a termination and would like to come and talk it over in a safe and confidential space.


There is no cost for crisis pregnancy or post-termination counselling support. They are funded by the Crisis Pregnancy Agency.

Appointments & Booking

The Crisis Pregnancy Counselling service is open to pregnant women, and expectant fathers and partners. We offer a range of appointment times and can provide free, on-site childcare for your children in our warm and friendly crèche while you avail of the service.

We always try to ensure you are seen as soon as possible. How often you attend, or for how long, will be decided between you and your counsellor.

If you would like to talk with a counsellor, or find out more about any of the counselling services available to you, please call 01 662 9212 or fill out this short form.