Training Details

Schedule of Engagement

22nd September: Circulation of Information on Training to all Member Organisations with an invite to Book your place

6th October: Review applications and if there are places remaining available bookings will be opened-up. Member Organisations at this point can share the training information with their members.

20th October: Confirmation emails will be sent to all front-line staff who have booked a place on the training programme. Maximum of 40 places will be allocated. At this point One Family Admin will ensure that Admin records for all learners are complete (through Eventbrite) and that payments are completed. The training programme will be €100 per participant. Fees can be discussed with Anne Staunton, Chair, The Separation Network

24th October: All learners will receive link for Part A – E Course- Family Communications, Separating Well for Children. Learners will be allowed 4 weeks to complete the e course. Learners are asked to allow 5 hours to complete the course content and an additional 5 hours to complete the reading and reflective practice elements of the programme.

Between 24th October and 14th November: Front line practitioners can continue to register for the training, however they must have the e course Part A completed before Part B commences on November 23rd.

14th November: Learners who have completed Part A: E course will be invited to attend Part B – the three interactive zoom workshops (Nov 23rd, Nov 30th, Dec 7th from 9.30am- 1pm via zoom). Those partially complete the course will be asked to complete the e course before they can commence the interactive workshops.

100 €

  • One month in which you allocate a maximum of 10 hours to complete Part 1: The E-Course
  • Commitment to attend 3 live zoom workshops over the month of November and beginning of December (3 hours per session)
  • One Family Professional Training is endorsed by Social Care Ireland.
  • Front line practitioners can gain CPD points from attending.
  • You will also receive a certificate of completion from One Family.
  • You will receive the One Family – Family Communications, Coping with Family Life and Communication with Teenagers Manual. This will have modules you can deliver either as a group-based programme or in stand alone sessions. Many of the modules will have been reflected in your training programme.
  • You will also receive a free copy of The Doshel Bond – a children’s book developed in conjunction with One Family – tells the tale of parent and sibling relationships with a contemporary blended family.

View the Booklist Here

Contents of Training Manual: Family Communications

Session 1: Strong Families and Communication

Session 2: Communication Styles – Clear and Direct Communication

Session 3: Emotions and Needs in the Family

Session 4: Practising Clear and Direct Communication

Session 5: Active Listening and Compromise

Session 6: Shared Parenting

Session 7: Managing a Crisis

Session 8: Finding Community Support for Families

Session 9: Parenting Teenagers

Session 10: Sibling Relationships

Session 11: Decision-Making and Solving Problems

Session 12: Managing Family Resources

Session 13: Respecting our Differences

Session 14: Relationship Breakdown and Separation

Session 15: Creating Family Rituals and Traditions