Separating well – Supports for families separating

If your relationship has broken down and you are separating, One Family can support you and your family to separate well.

Our aim is to enable you, your ex-partner and your children to come to terms with the separation, sort out practical issues and, if they arise, disputes – without involving the courts.  Our professional counsellors and staff support you as you work out what happens after you split up. Our counsellors will listen to you and your ex-partner as you explain your concerns and views and will help you both to reach an agreement. We will also have supports to help children understand the separation and adapt to new circumstances. Our supports work by helping people find practical solutions that feel fair.

One Family can provide a range of free supports for parents to separate well.

Supports include:

  • Couples mediation
  • Counselling
  • Creative therapies for young children and teen counselling
  • Parenting supports through specialist group based courses
  • 1-1 parent mentoring and key-work.

We also have a limited Early Years Intervention service offering additional supports to parents and young toddlers.

For more information contact:

Telephone: 01 662 9212  or  lo-call helpline: 1890 662 212