Making a referral to Separating Well for Children

Tusla fund One Family to support parents who are separating but are finding they cannot agree the changes necessary to do so. When parents feel that the ongoing conflict related to separation is impacting their children we want to ask you to reach out and ask for support.

We accept professional referrals and self referrals

If you are unable to use the referral forms above and require a form that can be printed, you can find a PDF version of our self referral form here and our professional referral form here.

When we receive a referral to Separating Well for Children we will:

Review the needs presenting for both parents who are separating

Review the needs of your children and the impact on them of the current situation

Meet  and discuss the needs with both parents and agree a plan to support you, the other parent and your children to separate well and create positive home lives for your children.

Your plan may involve any one of the following or a combination of many:

  • Parenting Education (group courses or e-learning)
  • One to One Parent support ( mentoring/keywork)
  • Mediation (Family/All issues separation Mediation)
  • Counselling
  • Teen Counseling
  • Play & Creative Therapy
  • Assessment of needs ( Parents Under Pressure Programme)
  • Engagement with the professional body who made the referral to One Family