One Family offer  a limited mediation service  to parents who are separating and  need support to reach agreements in order to support shared parenting post separation.

What is Mediation?

“Mediation is a confidential, facilitative and voluntary process in which parties to a dispute, with the assistance of a Mediator, attempt to reach a mutually acceptable agreement to resolve the dispute”

– Definition of Mediation according to the Mediation Act 2017

What to know about Mediation

  • Participation is at all times voluntary.
  • The fact that legal proceedings have been issued in relation to the dispute shall not prevent the parties engaging in Mediation at any time prior to the resolution of the dispute.
  • A party may withdraw from the Mediation at any time during the Mediation.
  • It is advisable to seek independent legal advice at any time during the Mediation where it is deemed necessary and appropriate.
  • All communications (including verbal statements) and all records and all notes relating to the Mediation shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed in any proceedings before a Court or otherwise.

What is a Mediation Settlement?

  • Following Mediation if there is agreement on all or any of the issues in dispute a Mediation Settlement is signed by the parties.
  • Not all issues in dispute have to be agreed during Mediation. Agreement even on some of the issues is a success and a Mediation Settlement can be signed on what has been agreed.
  • A Mediation Settlement shall have effect as a contract between the parties to the settlement except where it is expressly stated to have no legal force until it is incorporated into a formal legal agreement or contract to be signed by the parties. A Court or solicitor may enforce a Mediation Settlement.

The role of the mediator is to:

  • See a couple together and help them settle their differences.
  • Create a climate in which neither party dominates but in which both parties participate fully in good faith.
  • Create and maintain an atmosphere of co-operation and responsibility.
  • Help couples deal with difficult emotional issues that can prevent them reaching agreement.
  • Help couples reach agreement that they believe to be fair, equitable and workable.

How long does it take?

Mediation usually takes between 3 and 12 sessions. This very much depends on the issues the couple have and how challenging it is to reach an agreement. Each session lasts approximately one hour.

Accessing Mediation in One Family

The Family Mediation Service offers free mediation to parents and information can be found here or if you wish to proceed and access Mediation through One Family please submit a referral form to us.

We need a referral from both parties in order to move forward.

One Family charge €60 per session for mediation and the mediator will discuss this with all parties to reach agreement.