Parents arguing 100x100A separating couple often experience hurt and anger meaning that communication can become difficult or almost non-existent. Both parents will want to protect and support their children and ensure that they know how loved they are, no matter how the family situation is changing. Parenting Plans are designed with the needs of all members of the family taken into consideration so that children are kept at the centre of parenting.

The best way to achieve a workable Parenting Plan is one that is mediated or facilitated by a third party experienced in this area. The plan has a much better chance of success if both parents have contributed to its development and agree on an approach to shared parenting. One Family’s Mediated Parenting Plan service is offered by our Director of Parenting & Childcare, Geraldine Kelly. Geraldine is qualified with a BA in Early Childhood Care & Education, in Preschool Care and Applied Social Studies, as a qualified Parent Mentor with a level 6 award in Parent Mentoring and in Effective Communications, and as a Mediator with recognition as a practicing international mediator specialising in parenting and family transitions. Geraldine has worked with people parenting alone, sharing parenting, their children, and families in transition with One Family since 2003.

Our Approach

Geraldine meets both parents separately for a pre-mediation session initially to assess if mediation is appropriate, to hear from each parent about the issues that they feel are important, and to gauge how long the process might take. She then can continue to meet each parent separately for 2-4 sessions each, or together – depending on what the parents prefer – to explore all the issues around parenting.

Our parenting plans will cover the following issues, as applicable, in-depth:

  • Contact/access,
  • Custody/guardianship,
  • Maintenance,
  • Holidays,
  • Ill-health – child or parent or both,
  • Medical issues,
  • Wider family members,
  • Childcare and education,
  • Decision making,
  • Resolution of conflict,
  • Health and well-being,
  • Other issues such as housing and finances may also be dealt with as they relate to the Parenting Plan.

Hands and daisyWhen agreement has been negotiated between both parents, Geraldine will meet with both of them together to secure sign off. This plan can then form part of a wider legal agreement. Most parents then review the plan every 6-12 months depending on the age of their child/ren and as significant decisions or events arise.


The development of a straightforward Parenting Plan will take six sessions in total and more sessions may be required depending on the issues involved. Reviews will take place every six sessions. We charge €60 per one hour session and an additional €100 on the presentation of the completed Parenting Plan. To make an enquiry please email Geraldine directly or call her on 01 662 9212.