Accessing paid work, training or further education can raise many questions for people who parent alone. Your priority is meeting your childcare responsibilities but affordable, local childcare or family support may not be readily available. For those out of education or the workforce for a while, there may also be issues of confidence or upskilling. And then you will want to understand if and how getting a job, even a part-time one, can impact on your benefits. We can help.

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Information on how to find courses, explore your education and training options including literacy and details on adult guidance services.

Education and Training Resources

Information on how to find education and training programmes including information on Skillsnet, Momentum and Springboard.

Education and Training Programmes

Information on financial supports when returning to education; includes details of Back to Education allowance and the Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) grant.

Further and Higher Education


Options for support in starting a business as well as information on social welfare supports for self-employment.




askonefamily Helpline

Talk with one of our highly trained support staff who can offer information and support if your circumstances are changing as you consider an employment or educational opportunity. Call askonefamily on 01 662 9212 or email