Parenting Supports

mum and son playingDownload the One Family services leaflet.

One Family Parenting is a holistic service aimed at supporting parents to parent as effectively as they can, ensuring quality outcomes for children in all families.

Our suite of parenting services has been extensively redeveloped. New services including Mediated Parenting Plans for families experiencing separation are now available. Our Parent Mentoring service is being rolled out across the country with this service now on offer in Cork, Dublin and Wicklow and more regions being added before the end of the year. Our parenting programmes will be offered in the North-West area as well as in Dublin and an online parenting programme. These new and expanded services have been developed in direct response to demand and need.

In developing the range of services listed below, we aim to support parents to understand the core principles of parenting positively and how to implement these core skills for increasing parental confidence. Once a parent is confident in how they parent and why they make the choices they do, children will usually flourish as will the parent-child relationship.

Parents may present to the One Family Parenting service seeking support with challenges related to:

  • parenting alone,
  • sharing parenting,
  • managing behaviours, both theirs as an adult and that of their child,
  • conflict,
  • stress,
  • hopelessness, and
  • talking with children about absent parents, abusive parents, mental health and addiction.

mother daughterParents are supported to care for themselves and parent themselves so they have the power to meet the needs of their children, whether parenting full-time or not. Parents can sometimes feel low confidence in their ability to parent and at a loss in how to overcome obstacles. They can carry the burden of creating issues and challenges for their children, and need support to let go of the past so that they can focus on what they can do now in order to keep their child at the centre of the family.  We meet parents who all want to be part of their child’s life and are working through many systems in order to be allowed to parent and have the opportunity to form a relationship with their child. We support parents who find it hard to allow the other parent into their child’s life because of the anxiety they feel for their child and their need to protect them. We encourage parents to do their best for children, and to understand that children have a right to contact with both parents but also a right to safety and protection.

Dad and daughters

One Family aims to meet the needs of diverse families. We support one-parent families, shared parenting families, families in transition or experiencing separation, step-parent families, same sex families, new siblings and blended families, and parents who have adopted children as a single person or conceived through AHR.

The quality of relationships in the home impacts on outcomes for children. Children can and do have very positive childhoods in all types of families. The key to this success is confident, assertive parents who have pride in their family, their choices and their ability.

To learn more about each One Family Parenting support, click on the links to the service below.

Mediated Parenting Plans

Mediated Parenting Plans | Supporting both parents during and after the process of separation to develop their own comprehensive and practical parenting plan around how they will successfully share parenting into the future.  Email Geraldine or call her on 01 662 9212 to discuss your family’s needs. Available in Dublin.

Parent Mentoring

Parent Mentoring | Individual sessions which focus on helping you to understand your and your child’s behaviour, giving you the tools you need as a parent. Available regionally. Click on the blue link to the left for more information.

 Parenting Programmes

Parenting Programmes | Our parenting, family communications and shared parenting programmes will help you to strengthen your parenting and family relationships, while our welfare to work programmes will help you to gain the skills you need to get back to education or work.

 Young People in  Care

Young People in CareIf you are pregnant, have just had a baby or have just become a Dad, and are in care or recently moved into your own place, our Pregnancy & Parenting Support Service is here to help you.

Dealing with Stress

Stress | Understand the impact stress has on parenting and learn skills to manage it during a six week course so that you can parent positively while dealing with life challenges. Email Geraldine to find out more.


Workshops | A selection of half-day workshops explore issues specific to one-parent and shared parenting families such as How to make shared parenting work and Talking to your child about your family situationEmail Geraldine to learn more.

 Social Group

Social Group | One Family’s monthly social group outings allow parents to meet other parents in a similar situation to themselves in a relaxed environment, to form friendships and to take some time out for themselves, and are great fun for the little ones at the same time. Please call 01 662 9212 for more details or click here.

 Leaflets & Tips

Leaflets & TipsParenting alone or sharing parenting can be a challenge, so we have produced a range of booklets and articles to help you cope. From Becoming a Parent, to How to Shop with a Toddler in Tow, to Having That Difficult Conversation, our family relationships leaflets are packed full of useful information. We also publish a parenting tips series – 10 Ways to – to this site every Friday and host live Q&As on parenting topics on our Facebook page.


CounsellingAvail of confidential, personal time to talk and be really listened to by a non-judgmental counsellor on a wide range of parenting, family and personal issues, as well as crisis pregnancy.


Childcare | One Family has a part-time crèche service for parents accessing our services. We also offer limited places to one-parent families in our community. Information available by emailing Geraldine.

 askonefamily Helpline

askonefamily | One Family’s helpline and information service on lo-call 1890 66 22 12 offers information and a listening ear on everything from social welfare to relationship issues, and from to getting back to work to childcare.