Changes to social welfare payments in 2013

Budget 2013

Basic rate of payment – the weekly rate of payment is staying the same in 2013 for all weekly social welfare payments.

One Parent Family Payment

The rate of payment for the One Parent Family Payment remains at €188 for the adult and €29.80 per child, per week in 2013.

The upper age limit of the youngest child for new claimants of the One-Parent Family Payment is going to be reduced to 7 years on a phased basis. It will be reduced to age 10 in 2013 to age 7 in 2014.

There is a reduction in the amount of income disregard for One Parent Family Payment from €130 per week to €110 per week. Further reductions will be introduced over the following 4 years: to €90 in 2014, €75 in 2015 and €60 in 2016.

One Parent Family Age Conditions

Child Benefit

The rate of Child Benefit will reduce to €130 a month for the first three children, then €140 for the fourth child and subsequent children.

Back to School Clothing & Footwear Allowance

The rate of payment for 2013 is €2o0 for a child aged 12 or over and €100 for children aged 4 to 11. This has been reduced by €50 per child in Budget 2013

Fuel Allowance

The payment of €20 per week during the winter months is made for 26 weeks. Payment will end in mid-April. This has not changed in Budget 2013.

Rent Supplement

No change announced in Budget 2013

Mortgage Interest Supplement

No change announced in Budget 2013

Back to Education Allowance

The Cost of Education Allowance of €300 for those on the Back to Education Allowance has been discontinued for all new and existing participants in 2013

Family Income Supplement

The household income limits for 2013 are: €506 for one child, €602 for two children, €703 for 3 children and €824 for 4 children. These limits have not changed in Budget 2013

Carer’s Allowance

The half-rate Carer’s Allowance may be paid to people who are full-time carers and who are getting another welfare payment, such as One Parent Family Payment.  The Respite Care Grant has been reduced from €1700 a year to €1375 in Budget 2013.

Maternity Benefit – this will be a taxable income from 2013.

PRSI – From January 2013 the employee’s PRSI free allowance of €127 ( for those paying PRSI Class A,E and H) has been abolished but employees who earn less than €352 a week do not have liability to make PRSI contributions and this will continue.

One Parent Family Tax Credit

There is no change to the tax credits rates or income tax bands. The One Parent Family Tax credit remains at €1650 for 2013



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